Core Team

Theo Cosmora
Theo Cosmora Founder , Director
Theo is a designer of transformative technology for good. He is a pioneer of Social Business models for 18 years, was given a UN Award in 2012 for his contributions to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and is the inventor of the $1 Smartphone and of the SDG Blockchain Ecosystem.

Theo’s MDG experience created an awareness on why the MDGs were not fully met, covering lack of mainstream engagement, silo-based contributions, exclusion of business and industry, and lack of inclusive, sustainable economics and funding.

Theo applies his experience to developing an integrated financial collaboration ecosystem for the SDGs that will accommodate all SDG stakeholders through inclusive economics models and advanced and scalable distributed ledger technologies such as new blockchains and graphs.

A former Decathlon champion, Theo enjoys the company of progressive minds, assists executives with simple travel fitness, supports social entrepreneurs and promotes conscious living.

Galabin Galabov
Galabin GalabovSpecial Advisor, Finance & Banking
Galabin has been a senior banker for over 22 years and brings with him a strong financial and banking background.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise, Bulgaria where he has worked for over 4 yrs.

He has additionally served as a representative of UPEE in the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation in Sofia Bulgaria, since Apr 2019, and as a member of the Budget Policy Council with the Ministry of Finance.

Additionally he has served as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board on a part-time basis, between August 2017 and Apr 2019, in Sofia Bulgaia as well as well as being a member of the Policy Council with the Ministry of Finance.

Sacha Polverini
Sacha Polverini Special Advisor, Public Policy
Sacha is an investor in SDG Foundation and advises on public policy matters and strategic partnerships.

​His specialties include International, EU and national Public Affairs, government relations, advocacy, parliamentary relations, communication, networking, trade body representation, event organisation, internal and external communication, EU decision making process, Senior Executives engagement and positioning strategy, development policy, grant making and project management.

Currently Sacha is also Director of Public Affairs (Group level) at Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Ben Bickford
Ben BickfordHead, Ecosystem Development
Ben is an investor in SDG Holdings and heads our ecosystem development.
As a committed social entrepreneur, he thrives on helping clients and partners realise their vision and unleash their potential.

For over 30 years, Ben has been helping organisations and their people to seize new growth opportunities by aligning people, teams, culture, brands and IT solutions to scale exponentially and achieve extraordinary.

His cross-industry experience spans Telco, Financial Services, Health, Education, FMCG, Transport & Logistics, Public Sector, Utilities, the NFP sector and ambitious fast growth companies.

Suvi Linden
Suvi LindenSpecial Advisor, Government Relations
Suvi is an investor in SDG Foundation and works on establishing strategic government and corporate partnerships.

She was Finland’s Minister of Communications responsible for media and telecommunications 2007-2011 and previously Minister of Culture responsible culture, youth and sport, 1999-2002. She served as Member of Parliament of Finland 1995-2011. She advocated the work of the Broadband Commission as ITU’s Special Envoy and was additionally Commissioner in the Broadband Commission 2010-2015. She chaired the Ubiquitous Information Society Advisory Board for the Government of Finland in 2007-2011.

Suvi is also an Advisory Board Member for Telit Communications PLC, a global leader in IoT enablement and Chair for NxtVn Finland, a developer of open-access, carrier-neutral and multi-tenant Data Center parks.

Advisory Team

Shimon Newman
Shimon Newman
Shimon is a game-theorist and incentive-designer that creates mechanism designs for various decentralized ledger systems. With backgrounds in sociology, political economy, and neuroanthropology, Shimon is particularly focused on designing elegant solutions that align the needs of stakeholders in a given network and that actually utilize the decentralized ledger at hand. He has spoken in the French Senate on the applications of decentralized ledger technologies for stolen asset repatriation and has also contributed to high-level projects in the domains of SDGs, energy, finance, governance, and decentralized insurance.
Neil Sahota
Neil Sahota
Neil is an investor in SDG Holdings and advises on social investment strategies and growth focused partnerships. He is an IBM Master Inventor and World Wide Leader in the IBM Watson Group. With over 15+ years of experience in business and over 25 patents to his name, he works with Global Fortune 500 clients, government organizations, and high growth business partners to ideate next generation products/solutions powered by Watson.

His work experience spans multiple industries including healthcare, life sciences, retail, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, automotive, telecommunications, media/communication

Graham Wright
Graham Wright
Graham is an investor in SDG Foundation and is responsible for establishing strategic partnerships and business development in emerging markets, specifically in Asia and Africa.

Graham is the founder and Group Managing Director of MicroSave and pioneered much of the market-led approach practised by MicroSave.

He has over 30 years of experience working with banks, MFIs, telecoms, MNOs, regulators and international funding agencies in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.

Graham also oversees our work in the areas of Digital Financial Services; Training; Knowledge Management; Research; and Responsible Finance. During his time as the head of MicroSave in Africa, he spearheaded work to transform both Equity Bank and Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, and collaborated in the design and initial testing of M-PESA.

Graham now heads several teams working on digital financial services solutions for banks, mobile network operators and MFIs in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Robert Levin
Robert Levin
Robert Levin is CEO of Emerging Star Capital, LLC, and also is the founder of Transclick, Inc., a Technology Pioneer member of the World Economic Forum with over 14 million downloaded multilingual AI clients in 192 countries.

Robert helps SDG Foundation establish strategic financial, technology and business development partnerships while at the same time facilitating investment in our SDG initiatives.

Robert has expertise in applying innovation in machine learning (AI) to finance and other enterprise verticals, macro-economics applied to global asset allocation, alternative beta strategies, hedging portfolio risk, as well as private equity/VC in emerging technologies including cybersecurity, Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

He is an inventor, best-selling author, public speaker and holds one issued US patent. He is also a strategist in global macro, emerging markets and technology investments. He was trained at Salomon Brothers and was a top strategist for 2 hedge funds, reporting to Paul Tudor Jones at Tudor and Louis Bacon at Moore Global. Robert is a Tech Laureate of the Tech Museum of Innovation and has won the Gold Edison Award for Innovation in mobile apps, is a member of the AlwaysOn Mobile 100 (top 100 mobile companies) and the AlwaysOn Global 250.

Caterina Scalici
Caterina Scalici
Caterina has 10+ years of professional and international experience across several functions in the reinsurance industry and with this background has developed a Blockchain insurance strategy for SDG. She is now working on a Blockchain-based energy insurance solution to support SDG Foundation’s SDG Energy initiative.

Her past roles in the insurance sector include underwriting, actuarial and natural catastrophe modeling. Important task were to quickly extract the most important information from large amounts of data and communicate the findings to clients and relevant parties, then working them into custom solutions.

Currently Caterina is involved in projects around automation & machine learning aiming to make insurance more transparent and affordable using Block-chain methods. She is also involved in philanthropy, equality, mentoring and projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Simon Fischer
Simon Fischer
Simon works with SDG to scope and design our investment strategy and business investment presentations.

He is the Managing Partner & Founder at The Growth Partners, Clevis Research, Folienhelfer, Associate Works and Telescope Capital.

He is a market research believer and business development practioner. With 10years+ experience in management consulting, he helps build start-ups and manages M&A processes and business development projects.

Laura Barthelme
Laura Barthelme
Laura works with SDG on its business model and investment deck. She is the COO Folienhelfer, a Professional Services Company that offers to create and rework professional presentations and business graphics.

From sales/investor pitch deck, to business plan, market analysis, marketing material or presentations for speeches and lectures – she acts as a professional partner that delivers high-class investment decks, presentations and business info graphics.

Slavik Koval
Slavik Koval
Slavik is a senior data analyst who works with SDG in designing and developing a suitable Blockchain strategy and platform and implementing a comprehensive data science strategy.

He additionally currently works as an industry consultant based out of Switzerland.

Ben Van Avery
Ben Van Avery
Ben is a senior Quant Development Consultant and Engineer Consultant and has developed multiple technological capabilities for SDG Foundation, including integration of the SDG Healthcare platform and design of the SDG Blockchain trade commerce system.

​Ben is an expert quant developer (C#, C++, Java, Python and R), with a solid background in software development, trading, artificial intelligence, web scraping, physics, mathematics, engineering and research.

​He has experienced coding for traders and quants, and is familiar with the mechanisms and workings of securities markets, exchanges and market data (both time & sales and full order book).

He is experienced working with – and coding against – trading APIs and other common elements of the client/message server architectures typically seen in trading systems and also in the C++, C#, Java and Python implementations of QuickFIX, the open source implementation of the FIX protocol, the messaging language at the heart of global trading.

He is experienced in the development and maintenance of trading and charting platforms, and with implementing market data connections as well as expert in systematic trading research, simulations, backtests, optimizations, and trading, and in the programming and use of python pandas, python numpy, and R for empirical finance and financial modelling work.

Ben has worked on start-up projects related to blockchains and crypto assets, and gained experience covering blockchain, consensus algorithms.

Ben is experienced in the coding, theory and practice of Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Systems) and has degrees in Physics (MA, University of Oxford) and Petroleum Engineering (Imperial College, London).

Andrew Duck
Andrew Duck
Andrew has worked on the SDG $1 Smartphone software platform design, inherited from SocialEco, with SDG Foundation and has evolved the SDG remote mobile application platform design to be more secure and functional.

Additionally currently the Managing Director of Audience Media for Asian operations, Andrew has a comprehensive background in web and systems technologies as well as over 12 years programming and application development experience.

During the past 6 years Andrew has owned and/or managed several companies internationally servicing such markets as: enterprise hosting, graphic design, website development, search engine optimisations, marketing and media consulting, networking engineering, security consulting and hardware wholesale.

Andrew’s specialties include: Technical Architecture, Global Hosting Systems, Multi-Channel Media Solutions, Web CMS, iPad & iPhone Apps, Publishing, Magazine & Web Licensing, Syndication


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