Project Description


Key Features: A new SDG funding design powered by Blockchain, pension-fund pre-finance and Tokenized Carbon Offsets post-finance.

Cross-Pollination Elements: Interacts with all SDG ecosystem channels supporting SDG Energy renewable energy development, SDG Health sustainable health iniatives and SDG Business workforce automation projects.

Long Term Pension Fund Loans

  • SDG Finance has partnered with a large pension fund which provides our SDG projects with large pre-finance capabilities.
  • SDG pre-finance comes in the form of long term, low cost loans repaid by profitability of our selected SDG projects.
  • SDG Finance Carbon Offset funding and Security Token Offering finance provide secondary pension fund loans support.
  • Our first of its kind combination of pension fund loans, Carbon Offset funding and STO finance brings new opportunities to the SDGs.

Digital Ledger Technology Incl. Blockchain

  • SDG Finance develops targeted Blockchains that bring transparency, increased governance and efficiencies to key SDG sectors
  • Our first is SDG Energy Blockchain which incorporates an exchange where offsetters purchase and send Carbon Offsets for SDG projects.
  • The SDG project receiving Carbon Offsets exchanges them for cash at the SDG Blockchain powered SDG Exchange.
  • The SDG Exchange provides views for Carbon Offset project management, showing their funding and their performance.

High Quality Carbon Offsets

  • Carbon Offsets offer a means for polluters to offset their carbon footprint by funding renewable energy projects.
  • However they lack transparency and on average see just 30% of funding eventually reach destination green projects.
  • SDG Finance Carbon Offsets only originate from SDG ecosystem company SDG Energy-owned renewable energy and Climate solution projects.
  • SDG Finance provides transparency on its Carbon Offsets via the SDG Exchange account showing projects, their funding and their performance.

SDG Asset Tokenization

  • Our SDG Tokenization system brings a high potential new financing mechanism to the SDGs
  • SDG Tokenization enables asset owners to create tokens representing asset value and securely transact the tokens.
  • The process uses cryptographic mechanisms and enables fractional ownership of SDG digital assets.
  • The accounting system provides checking of transaction history with reliable real time audit capability.
  • The trading of SDG asset tokens represent a creation of a secondary asset exchange opportunity market.


Our challenges are significant, but our collective capacity is greater and untapped.

We have the means to successfully address climate change, poverty, injustice and inequality. It’s a simple conscious choice and a small step to empower a life. Get in touch today to pursue your mission and dreams while making a positive difference with a warm, dynamic and inclusive team.