Project Description


Key Features: Revolutionary CO2 Capture To Electricity, Seawater to Hydrogen and Electricity and Aluminium and other Earth Abundant metal battery technologies. 

Cross-Pollination Elements: Technologies developed via SDG Finance funding; Seawater to Hydrogen small business packages offer sustainable economies for coastal communities and landlocked countries, as do CO2 to Electricity conversion systems decentralized across houses, city councils and transport companies among others.

Atmospheric CO2 real time conversion to Electricity

  • Our porous carbon/copper composites are porous media that captures atmospheric CO2
  • Captured CO2 is then simultaneously converted to electricity using our unique Carbon To Electricity technology.
  • The composition engineering (copper composition, anion-doping, etc.) is proven and demonstrated
  • The composition engineering can additionally include paint coating for all surfaces including walls.

Seawater to Hydrogen Energy & Electricity

  • We have developed a new hybrid nanomaterial that harnesses solar and normal daylight energy.
  • This harnessed energy is instantly applied to generate hydrogen from seawater in location.
  • Our technologies are able to produce energy from ultraviolet-visible to near-infrared light wavelengths.
  • This makes it much cheaper and at least twice as efficient as current photocatalysts.

Earth Abundant Metal Battery Development

  • We have invented a new solid-state Aluminium battery that enables flexible and safe energy storage devices.
  • We have developed capacity to extend this battery innovation with other Earth Abundant metals such as Magnesium and Magnesium.
  • These safe energy storage devices can replace unstable and expensive Lithium batteries in the market.
  • The emerging Aluminium battery industry is set to generate high-return projects for investors and project owners.
  • SDG Energy is looking to establish our first key industry Aluminium battery partnership in Q4 2019 with a global top 3 Lithium Ion battery distributor.


Our challenges are significant, but our collective capacity is greater and untapped.

We have the means to successfully address climate change, poverty, injustice and inequality. It’s a simple conscious choice and a small step to empower a life. Get in touch today to pursue your mission and dreams while making a positive difference with a warm, dynamic and inclusive team.