Project Description


Key Features: SDG Business will create 5,000,000 jobs in emerging markets over the next five years. In creating these jobs, we will prove a strategy to elevate people trapped in cycles of poverty to earn a living wage with upward mobility.

Cross-Pollination Elements: SDG Business exists to create life opportunities in emerging markets for bottom of the pyramid  (BOP) people.  Once economically empowered via SDG Business, people in developing countries will have the same access to participating in global opportunities within the renewable energy and Fintech revolutions presented in SDG Holdings, as others in developed countries.

Workforce Training & Reward with Labour on Demand Platform

  • Workforce Automation Platform (WAP) builds large networks of workers who are compensated instantly for the performance of micro tasks.
  • The compensation can be both in the form of instant rewards or qualifications to win prizes and awards.
  • Our system trains, certifies, and continuously reinforces our educational material through our eLearning module.
  • Users are able to self-register on the platform, choose the program in which to participate and receive certification to qualify to perform the work.
  • Users then have the opportunity to be presented to our business clients in a Labour on Demand service at competitive rates.

WhatsApp Integration

  • Our WAP platform is run on top of WhatsApp as WhatsApp is available on nearly every phone worldwide, including in developing countries.
  • Facebook has worked hard to push the app as the primary mode of communication in developing countries in need of our service.
  • By running the platform over Whatsapp, we reduce the barriers to entry and the operating cost of the platform.
  • Fully tested via a pilot study in an African country, this communication strategy has been shown to work consistently.

Direct to Mobile Remuneration

  • Work is paid for by the unit. Funds are distributed by Mobile Money or airtime. If the worker chooses airtime, then payment occurs instantly.
  • The platform is designed to target a specific demographic. We are targeting young, industrious, under-employed workers in emerging markets.
  • This specific demographic is very like to have all of the attributes necessary for our platform to succeed.
  • Our platform requires the worker to have a cell phone. It does not have to be a smart phone, but that does help.

Trained and Available as Labour on Demand

  • We are especially targeting regions of high youth unemployment, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as Europe and North America.
  • We have already established teams of youth and their managers in Ghana, Africa with successful results.
  • We are providing work opportunities with career paths – to give people hope and lift them out of poverty.
  • Our job opportunities requires the worker to be highly industrious and work to develop their self-belief and personal capacity.
  • Our vision is to create transitional work opportunities which allow people to earn a supplemental income or temporary income while they improve their positions in life
  • Our trained teams are presented to the business sector as a Labour on Demand platform. To the right is our group of engineers we are now training in Ghana.


Our challenges are significant, but our collective capacity is greater and untapped.

We have the means to successfully address climate change, poverty, injustice and inequality. It’s a simple conscious choice and a small step to empower a life. Get in touch today to pursue your mission and dreams while making a positive difference with a warm, dynamic and inclusive team.