‘Greater diversity of finance offers more potential to address the integrated, interconnected nature of sustainable development challenges.’ – UNDP

A Systems Triple Bottom Line Business

SDG Holdings combines Systems Thinking with the triple bottom line principles  of PeoplePlanet  and  Profit to accelerate innovative creation and successful implementation of solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Leveraging patent-pending, paradigm-shifting renewable energy technologies, transparent blockchain powered carbon offsets, and a proven Base of Pyramid job creation platform among others, our integrated model enables us to incorporate passionate and experienced people and organizations together with advanced solutions into a focused ecosystem of interconnected actors. The resulting cross-pollination between ecosystem actors catalyzes a much higher than normal number of emergent new creations and interventions that will accelerate systemic positive transformation.

SDG FinanceFinance, Fintech and Carbon Offsets,

SDG EnergyRenewable Energy and Efficient Power Storage,

SDG LIfeReal World and Online Community Solutions.

SDG BusinessJob Creation in Poor Economies with Labour On Demand.

Let’s Stop Sleepwalking Off The Cliff!

Join the Climate Business revolution:

With Climate Change pointing to a not so far in the future catastrophe that will see our planet become uninhabitable while causing serious social, economic and political upheaval as well as environmental damage, many are looking for strategies that will accelerate solutions to our interconnected challenges. Time is not on our side. Every moment counts, because every life counts. The air you breath is getting increasingly choked with invisible dust particles so small that they will get permanently stuck in your lungs. Dioxins and other toxins permeate our food, our skin and our water and can be transferred to our children.

” What we are talking about here is an existential threat to our civilisation in the longer term. In the short term, it carries all sorts of risks as well and it requires a human response on a scale that has never been achieved before.”

- Sir David King, the former chief scientific adviser to the UK government.

” Tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen… the number of climate refugees will dwarf those that have fled the Syrian conflict, bringing huge challenges to Europe.”

- Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) Study

” Climate change is the the unpredictable ingredient that, when added to existing social, economic and political tensions, has the potential to ignite violence and conflict with disastrous consequences…In our rapidly changing world climate change – and its potential to trigger both violent conflict and mass migration – needs to be considered as an urgent priority for policymakers and business leaders alike.”

- Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) EJF executive director, Steve Trent.

” If Europe thinks they have a problem with migration today … wait 20 years. See what happens when climate change drives people out of Africa – the Sahel [sub-Saharan area] especially – and we’re talking now not just one or two million, but 10 or 20 [million]. They are not going to south Africa, they are going across the Mediterranean.”

- Retired US military corps brigadier general Stephen Cheney.

Can’t We Do Better?

0.2 million
deaths every year as a result of exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution
0.8 million
deaths every year as a result of household exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves and fuels
of the world’s population lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits

We need intelligent and efficient solutions that leverage natural resources for the benefit of humanity, instead of destroying them, our societies and our economies.

0.0 trillion
US Dollars banks would lose in fossil fuel dependent assets due to climate change, according to the Central Bank of England.
0.0 million
Future climate refugees now living in The Hague, Miami, Alexandria, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Osaka projected to be flooded by 2100.
0.0 billion
US Dollars cost to the United States due to climate change-induced 2017 Atlantic hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

We are out of time if we wish to safeguard the future of our plant for our children and grandchildren. We must act now.

0.03 °C
Today’s increase in global temperature above pre-industrial levels, now increasing at 0.2 C each decade – triple the average rate of 0.06 degree per decade from 1880 to 2012, which saw a cumulative 0.85 C rise to 2017.
Projected rise in global temperature by 2040 at current rates. Just 10 years later, by 2050, Bangladesh alone, will see about 17% of its land submerged and some 18 million people displaced as climate refugees.
0.0 C
Projected rise in global temperature by 2100, last experienced 3 million years ago when sea levels were 20 meters higher. 3 C warmer will also see a significant drop in food production and increased urban heat waves.


” Since the adoption of the SDGs, there has been much progress achieved in thinking about interlinkages across goals and targets in a more integrated and holistic way. While this kind of conceptualization is an essential first step, action must now move towards more systematic policy design, implementation and multi-stakeholder collaborations that can translate such understanding into concrete results on the ground. “

- United Nations







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